Onboarding (Registration)

Q: What is required of a supplier organization interested in registering for OV SupplyPower access?

The following prerequisites must be met in order to register for OV SupplyPower access:

• Company must first register in Covisint (no cost to supplier)

• Company must have an Ultimate DUNS in CSIDS (Corporate Supplier Identification Source)

• Company must have an active relationship with OV (i.e. contract)

Q: How does a user register for OV SupplyPower access?

Supplier users are first required to register with Covisint.

Click here for user onboarding instructions.

Q: How does a company register for OV SupplyPower access?

Supplier companies are first required to register with Covisint.

Click here for company onboarding instructions if your company is already registered with Covisint.

Click here if your company is not already registered with Covisint.

Q: What is a DUNS Number?

The Data Universal Numbering System, abbreviated as DUNS or D-U-N-S, is a proprietary system developed and regulated by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) that assigns a unique, nine-digit numeric identifier, referred to as a "DUNS number" to a single business entity site.

Q: What is an Ultimate DUNS?

An Ultimate DUNS number is that number assigned to the legal entity holding the highest level of ownership of an organization. The ultimate DUNS can be multiple levels above the headquarters of the organization actually doing business with Opel Vauxhall. It can represent a holding or an investment company, not recognized by the employees of the manufacturing company with which OV has a contract. While some suppliers would prefer that the headquarters for their legal entity be shown as the ultimate DUNS, OV relies on Dun & Bradstreet for this linkage information, and we do not deviate to satisfy individual suppliers.

In order to be reported as an ultimate of other organizations, the highest level must hold a 51% or more interest in a company. If two companies form a 50/50 joint venture, that joint venture will be listed as an ultimate, separate from either of the member companies of the joint venture. If one of the joint venture member companies holds a majority share of 51% or more, the joint venture will be listed under the ultimate for that majority shareholder organization.

It is not unheard of for a company to establish separate legal entities, for tax or legal reasons that, while related to the other organization through some common management or monetary investment, are not considered to be a holding of the other legal entity. These organizations, while they will have similar names, will not be linked together under one ultimate.


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