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*Please note these topics are related to general help only.  For assistance with specific questions related to your company, please contact one of the Help Desks identified below for immediate assistance and/or your OV Buyer.


Dear Valued OpenText Customer,

To quickly get your issues into the hands of someone who can help you, please contact below Support Mailboxes. This ensures that your service requests go directly to the responsible support team who is then able to triage, act, and resolve them quickly.



Covisint Connect and Covisint Supplier Connection


Identity and Access Management


Automotive supplier portal support





Covisint Help Desk / Covisint Support Portal:

For questions related to passwords including 2-Step Verification, onboarding instructions, DUNS changes, technical assistance with the OV SupplyPower portal related to the homepage, Bulletins.

OV Internal User and Supplier User please contact IT Support Team (for questions related to GMID, supplier provisioning, application support): +49 6142 774600

For further support please use the list: new phone numbers for Covisint customer support